1983 - APIMONDIA at Budapest, Hungary

During this Congress some attendants proposed an initial meeting at the Hotel Atrium, where the basic concept for IHEO was discussed.

1984 - May 2nd at Mexico City, Mexico - 1st IHEO Meeting

The following 3 Countries and people can be considered the founders of the IHEO:
AUSTRALIA - Mr. John Wells - Australian Honey Board
CUBA - Mr. Alberto Sapiano - Cuba Export
MEXICO - Mr. Christopher Leslie Bowes – Implusora Mexico
The founders agreed to exchange the following information on a monthly basis:
1) Information from import markets
2) Market prices that are obtained by honey exporters
3) Actual offered prices by exporters
4) Recent sales, with indication of volume
5) Stocks and forecast on the crops
At that time sales price was US $850, - per MT C&F port Europe, for Yucatan light amber (LA)
In October that same year a second meeting was agreed to be held in Havana, Cuba for the purpose of inviting the following countries:
By December 1984, no new meetings had taken place and Mr. John Wells, the IHEO secretary at the time, had only added ARGENTINE as a new active member. The response from the eastern bloc countries was favorable, however, they had difficulties attending meetings and to provide information freely related to prices, crops, stocks, market trends etc.

1985 - October 12th. at NAGOYA - 2nd IHEO Meeting

The following country representatives participated:
ARGENTINE: Mr. Joaquin Guckenheimer - Dembos S.A.; Mr. Alberto Bigne (as a guest); Mrs. Carolina Weisz of Strauss - Cía Grl. Export; Mr. Arno Meier - Times S.A.
AUSTRALIA: Mr. Jim Davis - Australian Honey Board ; Mr. John Wells - Australian Honey Board; Mr. Warwick Wilshire - Honey Coop. of Australia; Mr. Lloyd Smith - Honey Coop. of Australia ; Mr. Ken Healy - Ken Healy & Co.
CUBA: Mr. Albert Sapiano - ETCO (Cuba Export); Mr. Elio Esquivel - Cuba Export; Mrs. Carolina Prieto - Cuba Export
HUNGARY: Dr. Janos Szakmar - Hungaronektar; Mrs. Judy Kohary - Hungaronektar
MEXICO: Mr. Peter Hopf Holz - Hansa Lloyd of Mexico
Increased participation from Mexico and the socialist European countries was requested. An estimate of the available quantities for the world export of honey showed a total of 202,000 MT. At the meeting it was reported that Mexico experienced the arrival of African bees, Argentina had taxes on exported products and the Republic of China opened their first commercial office in Hamburg, Germany.
Mr. John Wells remained as the IHEO Secretary and Mr. Jim Davis was appointed Chairman for the meeting, both being from Australia. There were no fees for members and the Australian Honey Association supported the expenses of the organization.
The world price was about. US$ 780/MT.

1986 - October 28th to 29th at Merida, Mexico - 3rd IHEO Meeting

The following country representatives assisted:
ARGENTINE: Mr. Arno Meier - Times S.A.
AUSTRALIA: Mr. John Wells - Australian Honey Board
CUBA: Mr. Albert Sapiano - ETCO (Cuba Export); Mrs. Eugenia Guerrero - Cuba Export
HUNGARY: Dr. Janos Szakmar - Hungaronektar; Mr. Szatay Istvan - Hungaronektar
MEXICO: A total of 65 people participated, among producers and representatives of export companies, some of which included: Mr. Peter & Alexander Hopf - Hansa Lloyd of Mexico; Dr. Oscar J. Barraza Hernandez – Vera Miel; Mr. Federico Berron; Mr. Eddie Lara Hernandez - Apicola Maya; Mr. Christopher Leslie-Bowes -- Impulsora
Mr. Albert Sapiano was re-elected President of the IHEO, Mr. Peter Hopf as Vice-President and Mr. John Wells as Secretary. The price for 34mm honey was about US $930 / MT at the time.
The next meeting for 1987 was agreed to be held during the Apimondia Congress in Warsaw, Poland and for 1988 a meeting in Havana, Cuba.