1987 - August 21st at Warsaw, Poland - 4th IHEO Meeting

During the last year the Secretary prepared a preliminary design of the future Constitution of the IHEO, that was distributed to all members for their study. A list of participants is not available, but the following country delegates assisted: Argentine, Australia, Cuba, Mexico and Hungary.
The concerns of the year were: Big stocks in the warehouses of the buyers; U.S. was still subsidizing their apiculture. Sales prices were around US$ 920,- C&F.
During the beginning of 1988 the IHEO headquarter decided to call for a new meeting to be held in Argentina, it was intended to approach also those companies that didn’t exchange with IHEO monthly market information’s so far.

1988 - September 8th at Iguazu, Argentine - 5th IHEO Meeting

Cuba assisted with two members, Australia with two, USA with an especial invited observer from the NHB ; Mexico with 2 members; Chile, Uruguay and Canada send a member each, as well as the top 7 argentine honey exporters, attending with 10 people.
Part of the discussions were about how to coordinate the market information among the country members every month, so during this meeting the form for the monthly market report was designed, which was used until Sep. 97.
This was perhaps the most successful meeting until 1993, when the P.R. of China fully joined IHEO, due to the fact that at Iguazú a reduced group was able talk during a whole day about common problems without interference or reservations. At the same time all argentine exporters could hear all kind of complains and discontent from our foreign competitors about Argentine sales price.
The price average in 1988 was US$ 800, - C&F.
Next IHEO meeting was going to take place at Rio de Janeiro in 1989 together with APIMONDIA Congress, where new authorities were going to be voted.
President Mr. Alberto Sapiano – from ETCO - Cuba; Vice-president Mr. Peter Hopf - Hansa Lloyd of Mexico; Secretary Mr. John Wells - Australian Honey Board

1989 - August 24th at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 6th IHEO Meeting

Members attended from Argentine, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hungary, Uruguay, Cuba and an observer from the National Honey Board from the U.S.
The resign of Mr. A. Sapiano as president was accepted, Mr. P. Hopf presided the meeting. New Zealand and P.R. of China apologized for not being able to attend.
The world prices were around the US $850,- TM C&F .
The first call of attention during this meeting came from our buyer countries, which demanded for better quality. At the same time it was agreed to advise beekeepers, not to use chemical products in excess. The following charges were elected for the next two years:
President Mr. Joaquín Guckenheimer - Argentine; Vice-president 1 Mr. Christopher Leslie-Bowes - Mexico; Vice-president 2 Mrs. María de Carmen Aberrategui - Cuba; Secretary Mr. John Wells - Australia
It was agreed an IHEO meeting should take place that at least every 2 years, since the situation of the world honey market can change significantly in 12 months.

1993 – September 22nd at Beijing, Popular Republic of China - 7th IHEO Meeting

First meeting after 4 years. It was calculated that the world honey crop was above 1.000.000 TM and that export moved about 25%, 250.000 TM at world level.
Argentine, Australia, Canada, Cuba, Hungary, Mexico and numerous cooperatives and private export companies from China attended the meeting.
Mr. Guckenheimer / Argentine gave up the presidency of the IHEO and Mr. Wayne Rumball from Canada presided this meeting, Mr. John Wells from Australia acted as Secretary.
The price in the world market is about US $930,-- during 1993
At the end of the meeting Mr. W. Rumball was confirmed as president up to 1995, also Mr. John Wells was confirmed as Secretary again.