1995 – August 17th at Lausanne, Switzerland - 8th IHEO Meeting

Members of Argentine, Australia, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, New Zealand and Uruguay attended this meeting. It was perhaps the most reduced meeting so far.
Due to changes in the Australian Honey Board, Mr. John Wells from Australia could not join as Secretary again and Ms. Kathryn Burton, from the department of Horticulture (depending from the Ministry of Agriculture) took his place.
Without any doubt the most important event during 1995 were, that sales prices went up to US $1.500, - TM C&F and begin actual of a negotiated agreement between the Department of Commerce of the US. and the P.R. of China.
With this 5 year’s agreement, the P. R. of China was not allowed export to the U.S. more than 20.000 TM yearly, at average prices fixed every 6 months less 8%,. This agreement is valid until August of 2000 and understands gradual increases in the annual volume, but that they are not significant.
All this system has its origin in an antidumping agreement signed by both countries. At the end of the meeting the president and secretary were confirmed.

1997 – September 3rd at Antwerp, Belgium - 9th IHEO Meeting

This IHEO Congress brought 43 delegates of 10 countries together, and the U.S. as observer again through the National Honey Board. The big delegation of the P.R. of China was a surprise, also attended Argentine, Australia, Canada, Chile, Cuba, India (for the first time) Mexico, New Zealand and Uruguay.
The world honey price went from a peak of US$2.000 TM early 1996, down to US$1.300, - TM in 1997, always CFR (known before as C&F)
For the following day a meeting together with the members of the FEEDM (the European Honey Packers and Traders Federation) had been planned with the participation of importers, agents and some honey technicians and chemical specialists. The following day, during the meeting with FEEDM, the WHTO (World Honey Trade Organization ) was founded, by 55 : 1 votes and is formed by 7 members, among Importers, Exporters and Agents. We wish them a lot of luck.
Mr. Rumball was confirmed for 2 more years as president of the IHEO and Argentine accepted to be Secretary till 1999, this mainly to avoid the collection of a fee for country members to cover a deficit for travel and administrative expenses. Also 2 changes in the Constitution were accepted:
A country membership will be canceled if it fails to give at least 3 market reports during each calendar year.
Each country will have at least 1 (one) vote in the general assembly and an additional vote for each exported 10.000 TM.

1999 - September 15th at VAncoucer, Canada. - 10th IHEO Meeting


2001 - 11th IHEO Meeting