2003 - August 26th at Ljubljana, Slovenia - 12th IHEO Meeting

The meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia was a well attended meeting with the participation of 36 delegates from 13 exporter countries. The Chinese delegation wasn’t able to attend the meeting because of the SARS, but the Bee Products Sub Chamber of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce sent a presentation. On behalf of China, the IHEO president Mr. Eduard Planken presented it during the meeting.
On this meeting, Mr. Eduard Planken was reelected President for two more years. The secretary Mr. Arno Maier, who developed an excellent work in the organization during 6 years, indicated his wish to step down from the charge to let someone else take up the role. Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher from Mexico was elected.
During the morning meeting, the attendees had the pleasure of hearing country presentations from Argentina, Brazil, China and the president’s report on the world honey market:
Over the last two years, since the last meeting, two main events occurred in the world trade of honey. Firstly, several major producing countries selling into the world market reported lower crops as the result of El Niño. Countries like Australia and Canada were particularly affected, with Australia the hardest hit going from being an exporter to a net importer just to meet domestic needs.
Then the Chinese Chloramphenicol issue broke only to be followed later by product coming from the same source classified as UF (Ultra Filtered) honey. Many saw the UF honey as a Chinese quick fix to strip out the problem of Chloramphenicol. Legally UF honey is not honey by the new definition, as the pollens have been stripped out.
While all this was going on, Argentina was suffering with its economic problems plus the continued US Department of Commerce’s anti-dumping actions against both it and China. The effect of residues and the loss of markets is the main reason why we see the high prices that honey is traded at currently (up to 2.800 USD/MT CFR).
In the afternoon, there was a joint meeting with FEEDEM and honey packers from USA and Japan. Mainly we discussed about quality issues.

2005 - August 26th at Dublin, Ireland - 13th IHEO Meeting

The meeting in Dublin was a great success counting with the participation of 40 Members from 12 different countries. During the meeting, important figures from the honey industry participated as guesst speakers and following presentations were made:
1. Presentation Dr. Raeztke, Applica GmbH: Residues "The current situation world wide"
2. Formal invitation to attend Apimondia 2009 in Montpellier, France by the organizing committee.
3. Presentation National Honey Board -: The U.S. Honey Market and the Role of the National Honey Board.
4. Presentation Mrs. G. Beckh, QSI, Dr. C. Lüllmann : Honey types and special honey declarations.
5. Presentation Dr. Peter Martin – IHPA: Further explanation regarding honey declarations and Honey quality control.
As part of the meeting tradition, some members presented interesting reports about the perspectives in their regions:
1. "Brazil" by Traciano Santos from empresa Prodapys
2. "Chile" by the Chile Exporters Association
3. "China" by the China Chamber of Commerce
4. "Argentina" by Joaquin Maier from TIMES SA
After discussion during the meeting, following agreements were taken:
- In order for the organization to be able to finance the projects and meetings, the IHEO will introduce fees for the members. The secretary will propose 2 different fee schemas to be voted on by the members.
- Potential members interested in joining our Organization will be accepted in the IHEO meetings as “Guest attendees”. They should pay admission to the meeting but should not have a vote. In order to prevail within the organization, they should fulfill the organization membership requirements such as presenting the monthly market reports. A “Quest attendee” can only participate once as guest in a IHEO meeting
- The IHEO secretary in turn will present financial reports to the members at the IHEO meeting every two years.
- A working group will be created in order to collaborate with FEDEEM on quality assurance programs and projects. The working group we will formed by the President, Mr. Eduard Planken; the Secretary, Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher; a representative from Argentina, a representative from China, and a representative from Chile.