2007 - September 12th at Melbourne, Australia - 14th IHEO Meeting

President: Eduard Planken from Wescobee in Australia; Secretary: Sra. Ingrid Beutelspacher from Apimiel in México
The meeting in Melbourne was a great success, counting with the participation of 38 members from 12 exporting countries. As it is already tradition, during the meeting the most important figures on the honey industry made interesting presentations. This year, the meeting had expositions from:
1. Presentation by Dr. Raeztke from Applica GmbH with the subject: "Residues: The current situation world wide"
2. Presentation by Mrs. G. Beckh from QSI, Dr. C. Lüllmann with the subject: "Influence of filtration on the composition of honey concerning the detection of adulteration"
3. Presentation by Mr. Frank Filodda from Fürsten Reform with the subject: "Changes in requirements for Honey deliveries into the EU"
4. Presentation by Mrs. Jenny Barnes from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service with the subject: "Australia’s experience with complying with EU rules"
Likewise, members from different countries contributed to the meeting with interesting presentations from the perspective and processes in their regions. This year, we counted with the participation from:
1. "México" by Rommel Beutelspacher from Mieles del Mayab SA de CV
2. "Brazil" by Traciano Santos from Prodapys
3. "China" by the Animal Plant and Food Inspection Center, JSCIQ
The president form the organization, Mr. Eduard Planken presented an overview of some of events that have happened over the last two years in the honye industry:
• Brazil was excluded from the EU market.
• Currency and cost increases affect all exporters.
• USA sees CCD increase imported honey demand.
• Unpredictable global weather conditions affect all.
• Japan now looks to other origins besides Chinese as the main source.
• EU reviews for traceability & residues puts pressure on exporting countries.
• Bulgary & Romania join the EU - so are free of duties.
• Argentine sets a reference export price – USD$1600 FOB.
• China’s increased local demand and national regulation reduces some export availability with subsequent prices increase
The world composite price is in the US$1.800 – 1.850 bracket up from September 2005 level of USD$1,250 PMT.
The secretary of the organization, Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher presented the organization finances and the objectives that the organization had for 2007. She mentioned that the finances should be in black numbers for the year ending 2007 and that two of the most important objectives were accomplished: IHEO is now a registered organization with its own constitution and IHEO is now officially a member of Apimondia with a voting right.
Mr. Eduard Planken and Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher were reelected as president and secretary of the organization.

2009 - September 17th at Montpellier, France - 15th IHEO Meeting

President: Eduard Planken from Wescobee in Australia; Secretary: Sra. Ingrid Beutelspacher from Apimiel in México
The Montpellier meeting had a great assistance from all the IHEO members, together, there were 45 representatives attending the biannual reunion of the organization. 13 Country members were represented by the attendees. As every two years, the meeting had important expositors from the honey world that offered actual information about the market situation and scientific investigations. The presentations during the meeting were:
Dr. Kurt Raeztke from Applica GmbH with the topic: "The new regulation EC 470/2009 for veterinary drugs"
Dr. Kurt Raeztke from Applica GmbH with the topic: “Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Honey”
Dr. Werner von der Ohe from the Institut für Bienenkunde Celle with the topic: "Economics in the beehive"
Elise Gagnon from Odem International with the topic: “Circunvention of Chinese honey to USA”
There were also members from different countries that made interesting presentations of the perspectives and processes in their regions, this year the invited countries were:
1. "Turquía" made by the company “Altiparmak Paz. Koll. Sti."
2. "China" made by the Bee Products Chamber CFNA
The president of the organization, Mr. Eduard Planken talked among other about the honey market making it a very interesting topic: “When I became president in 1999 (in Vancouver) world honey prices were at a composite average price of US$1,000 per ton. Four years later in 2003 prices had hit US$2,450 on the back of the world drought shortages and the Nitro-furan issue before settling back to $1,259 in 2005. Today the composite average price from exporting members is US$2,471 per ton after hitting a composite high in October 2008 at US$2,861 and an individual high of over USD$3,000 per ton. The prices have held at around average level between US$2,500 – 2,800 for most of the last 24 months.
Reviewing the last two years it can be observed as follows:
Global weather patterns have seen many major supplying countries with failed or poorer crops.
The global financial collapse has meant difficulty for many exporters as their currency exchange rate made them less competitive.
Bee losses are common and far from being resolved - impacting on supply.
Brazil after being excluded from the EU market has returned again.
Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Honey has now become a concern to mny countries.”
The IHEO secretary, Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher made her presentation on finances and organization objectives. She commented that finances are now healthy, that the members are being increased and that the participation for the monthly market report has been stable. The president, Mr. Eduard Planken manifested his desire of passing over the role as President after 10 years as head of the organization. An award was presented to him in gratitude for his dedication as leader of the IHEO.
Candidates were requested for electing a new president, being Mrs. Ingrid Beutelspacher from Mexico, who held the charge of secretary since 2003, the only candidate. She was elected by a large majority and will hold the Presidency of the IHEO for the next two years. As the secretary office was left open, candidates were requested for this position. There were three applicants from Canada, China and India; it is the only time on the records that more than two countries apply for the position. After voting, Mrs. Elise Gagnon from Canada was elected as the new secretary of the IHEO for the next two year period.

2011 - September Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 16th IHEO Meeting will take place during the 42nd Apimondia edition in September 2011.